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Brenda 9/6

"Thank you for your website and giving out freely as we have been freely given. You're a sign and wonder of God's Wonderful Grace and He's still confirming His Truths today through people like you.  Thank you, again. Blessings to you and those behind the scenes to give...for it will surely come back to you pressed down, shaken together and running over, The LORD will cause men to give unto your bosom (Luke 6:38)."
Mark 9/6

"glad i stumbled across this site"
gengiving (Generous Giving) on Twitter:

"We follow & appreciate @bookministry for their commitment to resources free Christian books & articles."

onearth4christ (GODS GIRL) on Twitter

"@bookministry loving books"

@roblee1960 on Twitter

"I ... appreciate the work you are doing to get Christian books to those in need!"

8/31 Teresa

"Great music. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you continuously in your ministry."

"thank u"
8/27 Melissa

8/27 Pst. Al.

"May God continually strenghten you all as you provide opportunity for the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen."
8/25 Donna

"please add me t your list"

8/24 Christopher

"i am in need of a large print bible, also, other spiritual books that will help me grow in line with learning about jesus. i am poor and not able to work, plwease help me."
8/18 Rita

"hi friend.
thankyou for the lovely song' and I welcome jesus come and visit my home. Ilve all those song male me IM close to Jesus so much wonderful song it make mine days thanks a million/ bye for now biessed your and my families biessed your lord jesus."
8/18 Constance

"i am interested in your bible study books.how would i get the free material? thank you."

8/16 Ulf

"God bless your ministry.
I seek Bible study literature"

8/13 Wayne

"The music leaves ones heart in peace,while it glorifies the Lord. Great site keep up the good work."

8/13 Delores

"I love your free christen music it very inspiring"
8/3 Marianne

"I jumped for joy and Praise to thd Lord finding your web site after hearing Dr. Monteith,s program today!!  I have not met any Christian I could connect that understands Green Letters, crucified with Christ, and Christ is our LIFE. What an encouragement in persevering in these times. Blessings and thank you for sharing these treasures. In Him, Marianne"

8/3 Marybeth

"Praise God for Good Gospel Music"

"Good job with what you are doing"
7/28 William

"great ministry you have.  May God richly bless you."

7/28 Ray

"Awesome web site i am truly blessed"

7/15 Marjorie

"Wonderful to listen to all the audios. Thank you very much"
6/17 Funso

"good site may God enrich you as you planto enrich we poor christians. please send me the books  you have and may god richly bless you"

Marianne 9/7

"Your web-site is so valuable for believers at this time in history, esp when the churches are not teaching and rightly dividing the Scripture. I am so very grateful to the Lord for your ministry by  providing this edification for the body of Christ. Praise Him!"
9/21  Marie

"thx for all you do for #others {HUGS}"
Armidt R  10/14/2011

"May our good Lord continue to bless U all richly.  many greetings"

Jerral  10/18

"Praise the LORD for most excellent music. Thank you"
Marjori  10/24

"This is a wonderful offering"
11/1  Gweneth

"For the past few days I have been delighted by the beautiful music available on your site. I just stumbled onto it while looking for something else. I shall be putting your site on my favorites list. May God bless you as you continue to share His love in this way."
Lorne 10/6

"I have been searching for Christian music for some time in Christian Book stores but was not successful Then I found you on the internet.  IT IS FANTASTIC"
11/14 Deborah

"Thank you! God Bless!"

11/14 Monisha

Phil (Australia)  12/17

"I just discovered you...well done! I'm a long-time friend of Austin-Sparks, Watchman Nee et al type literature and ministry. So glad to see someone else making the material available. I'm with you."
Billy 12/20

"Great to chance upon this treasure,
in fact was emailed to me by a close friend. Hope to be connected and know more of Christ and his desires in these times."
Nancy 1/8

"Great site!  Please add me to your mailing list."
Edna 1/3

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."
Ryan 1/8

"Thank you brothers, this sight is a great blessing."
6/7 Rico

"Thanks for making all these books free."

Geoffrey (7/20) "Hi, Be blessed for your great work, to reach others with the Living Word. Amen"

Pastor Iqbal (7/19) "Its a great effort for those christian people who r fond of studying books"

James (7/19) "Thanks for this ministry. that gives free. Christian. books"

Marilyn (7/19) - re: Day by Day "Very good reading"

Jim (7/16) "I have redidicated my life tp God I"m hungry for informative books to read while also studying gods word"



John (7/14) "i will love to have your christian books for children sunday school"

Endrias (7/14) "I need your ministry"

John (7/12) "It is great work for The Lord"

Solomon (7/8) "God richly bless you for your good works."

Evelyn (7/6) re: Day by Day "Thank you for providing such a wonderful devotional."

Rosemary (7/5) re: Day by Day ":)"

Fredy (6/27/13) "Hello! this is my first time to get into this web site, and I was astonished to find out that you have some free christian books, that I would like to down load them. May you be blessed"

​Jean (4/11) "it looks like a great place to get christian music and books thanks"

Teresa (4/2) "Thank you."

Louann (3/31) "love reading about the lord."

Mel (2/26) "Love your website!!!!"

Myrna (4/15) "what a wonderful site to pass on to all my friends"

Wanda (4/22) "I love reading books about the good Lord. He has blessed me in so many ways."
Alan (6/8/2013) "love what you do you have a meek heart brother and sister riggs keep up the good work im in the far north of england near scotland and your haveing an impact in the hills and valleys SHALOM"

Crispus (5/29) "we appreciate your ministry to the body of Christ"

Dorothy (5/27) "Didn't realize you had a mailing list. So pleased to find this!"

Leslie (5/15) "Thanks!"

Bob (3/26) "Excellent materials."

Ann (12/22) "Love Christian music"

Jasjit (12/14/2012) "I am quite excited to have found this website today."

Steve (12/5) "Praise The Lord! This service is truly a blessing for The Body of Christ to have a closer walk through enlightenment of His Word. May you be abundantly blessed."

Renee (11/30) "I'm thrilled to have found this website. I have a Kindle and will download these items. Thank you!"

Chipi (​8/29) "My comment is that this is a tremendous ministry which will enlighten many souls. God bless the ministry."

Gideon (7/23) "Did you really mean free for all these items?"

Seifu (7/2) "thank you for what you have here. you are really very important to me to know a lot about bible through your ministry."

Candace (6/27) "Thank you!"

John (4/14) "Our church will use your service for sure." 

Ida (4/9) "thanks"

Charlene (4/1) "very excited over this page."

Lisanne (3/6) "Blessings.."

Pastor James (2/23) "What a wonderful site this one is! I am blessed to visit this site and would recommend it to other friend of mine. Amen."

Graham (4/22) "its good to see you have T Austin Sparks books"

Tshabang (5/21) "You are doing a good job for our Lord, keep it up. Your books are uplifting"

Peggy (6/7) "I enjoy reading Christian books. Thank you for the chance to receive free books from this website."

David (6/6) "Sign me up! I look forward to exploring your site."
Paul (7/4) "would like book to help me be
stronge in the Lord and the family"

Solomon (7/4) "Indeed this is a wonderful site to behold variety of books"

Rev. Yakubu (7/1) " Sir. I will need some Christian book from you that will help me growth spiritually thanks"

Priya (7/1) "Praise the lord. I need some books for bible study how can i apply for this ?"

Patrick (7/2) "like all, thank you"

Mike (7/2) "Thank you for your very generous offer of brilliant Christian resources"

Emieluz (7/3) "I praise the Lord for using this ministry for HIs glory."

Jude (7/3) "Thanks"

Brian (6/28) "Cool"

Matthew (6/29) "there is power in the word"

Swati (6/28) "i like this site . I want some of the free books provided by you."

Mwaweza (6/27) "I need jesus."

Prem (6/27) "I want to learn about God and the Bible. So, please send me the books."

William (6/24) "To build the church and Pastors"

Samuel (6/23) "Need spiritual growth"

Premillah (6/22) "Thank you for the page i would like to know if you can send me free books so I can deistribute to kids in my area .I am in Swaziland."

Jasjit (6/11) "It's a pleasure to explore your site and discover aspects that I had overlooked in the last visit."

Pastor Timothy (5/28) "please i need your assistance ,i need some material that ca help me growth spiritually and other people."

Carol (5/28) "Thank you & God bless you richly."

Park (7/1) "I like. I want to participate with you."

David writes about our Day by Day devotional (6/27)
"Good articles, well worth spending time on them."

Thomas (6/26) "May the Lord continue to help you in fufilling God's mandate in Jesus name. (Amen)"

Felicisimo (6/26) "thanks for the ministry you extend to us.God bless your Minisatry."

Mayowa (6/26) "...am a young xtien en wannan grow in faith of the lord almighty"

Tiffany (6/25) "... I am a new believer & would like to instill God in my children at a young age & would like to learn as much of the truth as i can. Thank you very much."

Francis (6/24) "I am so glade to find the Book Ministry in the internet!"

Emmanuel (6/23) "God in His never ending blessings continue to strengthen you and bless the works of your hands. Amen"

Arinda (6/22) "u have good gospel music ..."

​John (from Uganda) (6/22) "thanks for the work you are doing..."

Kalolo (6/22) "Am delighted to have discovered this site. I need christian materials for ministry"

Tamrat (6/21) "I like to be your partner"

Niresh (6/16) "May God Bless Christian Worldwide ministry for free books for poor country."

Rev. Augustin (6/10) "Just to say many thanks for various offers.."

Marion (6/2) "I'm interested in fortifying my faith. I feel modern churches do not touch these important aspects of spiritual life and MUST be taught. Thanks and God Bless you and yours."


Carol (5/28) "Thank you & God bless you richly."

Goldie (5/19) commenting on our Day by Day with T. Austin-Sparks daily devotional: "What a Blessing. This is not an easy journey."

Gayle (3/23) "need prayer for my family"

Steve (12/16) "Thanks for allowing me to be on your mailing list."

Anthony (12/8) "I would like to have a free book that would help me understand how to live a good long life with happy joyful living"

Coleen (12/2) "This sight is a blessing thank you"

Charlie (11/3) "God Bless You for the ministry that you do"

Blain (8/31) "I have reached a point in my spiritual life where i am ready to go very deep in my faith... i feel god led me here as i was searching for something and i didnt know what."

Rhonda (7/14) "I am so blessed to find a great site like this"

Abigail (6/27) "I love this site."

Howard (6/22) "Thanks for your hard work!"

Siyamthanda (6/20) "I greet u ol in the name of jesus I'm sved n acptd jesus as myu saver ofmy life I jst luking for the auditios for gospl"

We appreciate the thanks and comments of every visitor we have.

Note: When you write us, we will write you back. If you don't hear back within 24 hours or so, the email address you sent is not valid - so feel free to send another message and correct your email address. Thanks!
Welcome Friends of Book Ministry !!!
1/13 Wilson: "i love your music"

1/13 Alphonse: "praise the lord"

1/10 Florence: "I enjoyed your page pls keep the good work and God will surely reward you for these.God bless you"

1/9 Kelly: "i am enjoying the contents on your (YouTube) channel.keep it up"

1/6 Alonso: "Praise GOD!!!and Thank You for all of your hard work and devotion. I love all the Great teachings you have on your website!!! God Bless You and Your Family!!! Thank You!!!

1/6 Elsham "Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you in expanding and strengthening the kingdom. God bless you"

12/29 Pastor James: "its my first time to visit your site and am blessed by the books"

11/11 Rose "great ministry"

11/9 Cinthya "exelent site!"

10/21 Dollphin: I wish to say thank you for this wealth of knowledge, that will be a blessing, not only to me but to my congregation and many others; my friends in ministry. THANK YOU!

10/6 Henry "GOD BLESS YOU"

10/7 Godfrey "I visited your site and I am so much blessed by your resources. God bless you."

9/21 Katherine 
"Can we purchase the YOUTUBES of DOUG RIGGS series of THE BLESSED HOPE. Are they in DVD format so that all of the notes and verses on the screen are available for viewing. There are many who do not have internet and this is a wonderful teaching."

9/19 Joseph "Thank you for all of your labor of love in the Lord."

9/8 Yakubu "Thanks for helping us growth in the spiritual things"

9/6 Sampath "it is very blessing for me"

9/6 Marianne (ref: "What is The Church" video series) "They were inspiring, edifying and very well done, good and faithful servants!! Thank you very much!"

9/4 Tafobang "These books are tremendously helpful to me as Pastor. I succeeded to download one and it is revealing God and his plans to me in another dimension."

9/2 Gavin "Thank you !!!"

9/2 Gabriel "would be glad buiding on my bible knowledge with you"


8/31 Aung "Thank You"

8/30 Asnake "May the lord bless your ministry"
1/16 Mawan: "Good"

1/14 Jacqueline: "Thank you"

12/30 Ibrahim: "Thanks be blessed."

12/28 Caleb: "I have download most of your songs,is perfect,keep it up,your are doing a wonderful job"

12/26 Daniel: "nice to get e books from you"

12/25 Darrell: 
"A voice told me I could find the right information I need to continue my newly started mobile ministry. I am looking forward to reviewing your site and products. May God's blessings be with you and all your family and organization. From a true brother in Christ... As I wandered through your web-site I was amazed at how much informtion you have available."

12/6 Joan: "Thank you for this most valuable , ministry , I am so pleased to have found this your web site , I will support your ministry in the coming new year, God bless you all"

11/22 OJ: "your messages have blessed me so much but how can i sow a sead now into this ministry.i received deeper revelations and got my sight from your books"

11/9 Isaac: 
"Thanks for good and edifying christian literature. May God bless your good work."

10/16 Park 
"Dear Sir, I want to be one of your partner and I want to participate with you. Can i do some thing for this ministry?"

8/28 Misheck 
"I am particularly happy that you can open your doors to our church for material help. We promise to be visiting your website for enrichment of bible teachings for our members. May God richly bless you exceedingly abundantly above all that you need or can even think of."

8/28 Petla "greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Really I am lucky to say that I have a great treasure in this website to learn more and more about Jesus christ and illuminate spitually. Thank you"

8/27/13 Ngambi "I am glad that you are advancing the kingdom of God through free book distribution."

8/24 Akoto "Thanks"

8/28 Seyum "may God be bells you. I have got good messeg from your video and lessons."

8/20 Shelley "Thank you for all you offer. : )"

8/21 Ademola "Kindly allow me to be part of you"

8/21 Jegan "happy to receive"

8/14 Alice 
"I really thank God for you and for discovering this column. I have been inspired by reading the works of these great people of God and I am still reading. The most amazing thing is the more you read the more curious you become to want to read more. God bless each one of you so mightily"

8/11 Shadric (ref: Day by Day
"God really bless me through this message"
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